Back from my break….still crazy? Maybe a little!

Yesterday I got back from London visiting hubby at work.  The aim was to get away from everyone after last week and try to calm down and be a little less irrational and crazy.  So for those that didn’t read my last post to cut a long story short within seven days I got negative […]

What a seven days…….

So I didn’t make a big deal about it in my negative post but I did mention three days after my latest negative my sister gave birth to a baby boy.  Now when she announced her pregnancy it was around the time I was gearing up to start prepping for my second FET (third transfer). […]

Something is niggling me…..

Ok so it’s been a few days since my last post and I still stand by everything I said however…..something is still niggling me.  Laparoscopy.  This is something in two years of fertility treatments I have never had.  I’ve had the hysterosalpingogram so I know my tubes are clear however I’ve never had any real […]


Had a few days to let it sink in…..obviously we were really upset this was our fourth transfer, however what I need to remember is this was still our first cycle and we have two more free cycles and however many Frosties we get on the NHS. ( I am aware we are so lucky […]

Two on board……

Transfer day was yesterday and yes we have our last TWO remaining embryos on board!  I’m actually in shock this wasn’t supposed to happen.  So from this cycle we had five 5 day blastocysts one fresh was transferred initially and failed.  The two FETs we then had both embryos thawed beautifully however both failures.  I […]

Thank you…..

Quick post before a real update…..thank you so much to everyone for their positive thoughts and kind words I Appreciate it massively so this is my reply to each and every one of you and I am sending those positive thoughts back to you all 😘 xxxxx 

It’s been a while……

So it really has been a long time since I last blogged.  I thought I might be able to continue writing my blog during treatment but I realised it was too much.  I have basically avoided the blogging world and all IVF related websites and topics during this full FET cycle.  I knew I had […]

Time to move on…..

So it’s been a couple of weeks since I wrote about the turns my life has taken recently and last week it all came to a head. As many of you who read my blog regularly will know work has been a very difficult part of my life recently especially their lack of support in […]

I was right to be nervous……

So it’s been a little while since I logged on here and read any blogs or blogged myself.  This is because I returned to work, something that I have been dreading for a long time.  It turns out I was absolutely right to dread this and my gut feelings of not feeling ready to go […]