Back from my break….still crazy? Maybe a little!

Yesterday I got back from London visiting hubby at work.  The aim was to get away from everyone after last week and try to calm down and be a little less irrational and crazy.  So for those that didn’t read my last post to cut a long story short within seven days I got negative […]

What a seven days…….

So I didn’t make a big deal about it in my negative post but I did mention three days after my latest negative my sister gave birth to a baby boy.  Now when she announced her pregnancy it was around the time I was gearing up to start prepping for my second FET (third transfer). […]

Something is niggling me…..

Ok so it’s been a few days since my last post and I still stand by everything I said however…..something is still niggling me.  Laparoscopy.  This is something in two years of fertility treatments I have never had.  I’ve had the hysterosalpingogram so I know my tubes are clear however I’ve never had any real […]


Had a few days to let it sink in…..obviously we were really upset this was our fourth transfer, however what I need to remember is this was still our first cycle and we have two more free cycles and however many Frosties we get on the NHS. ( I am aware we are so lucky […]