It’s official 

So I’m officially pregnant and I’m 6wks and 1 day! I even got to see the little pulses of the baby’s heartbeat…. These last few days have been the most surreal but this morning it all fell into place. I know it is still early days and I’m having another early scan at eight weeks and if all is well I get transferred to my local hospital and I start my pregnant life. Fingers crossed and prayers this is it for us. I keep thinking I wonder what helped this happen?  Maybe being drug free for longer than I have in a long time has helped and stabilising my natural hormones? Maybe the Vitex I was taking for a little while or even the castor oil packs and fertility massage? The endometrial scratch lasts three months so that will still have been in effect. Whatever it is I am so thankful. Oh and my due date is the day after hubbys birthday and my dads memory…..I can’t help but think this is what was really meant to be 

5 thoughts on “It’s official 

  1. This is so lovely! I am so happy for you!! 🤗🤗 It’s not easy being pregnancy after what we go through to get here but enjoy it when you can and don’t beat yourself up if you feel stressed about anything – totally normal xx

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