Miracles do happen…..

It’s been such a long time since I posted after my breast cancer scare I was so broken as a women I felt defeated by life and no longer even wanted to blog or share anything with anyone. My results came back clear and my lumps were non cancerous but after everything I had already gone through it affected me deeply.  A little while has past and this is probably the longest break I’ve had from treatment and my doctor finally agreed to a hystoscopy to finally take a look inside my uterus to see if there were any issues and we were still sticking to plan of not starting treatment again until next summer.  We even planned a trip to Australia to visit some friends.  Yesterday was my pre assessment appointment before the actual procedure next Wednesday and you have to fill in a form and answer a few questions…..one of which is could you be pregnant? Naturally I answered no.  I still haven’t had a natural period since my last fet failed in August so technically I had missed two menstural cycles but in the past I always seem to miss at least one natural period after the withdrawal bleed. I even took a test weeks ago and it was negative. So I explained this to the nurse but she said we better take a test anyway so I did a urine sample.  I was sat waiting for her and I heard her call a nurses name….then I heard another nurse go into the room…..I thought surely there not afraid to tell me I’m not pregnant after four years of trying and two years of continuous failed Ivf/FET I can handle this now.   She walked in the room with another nurse…. They both had tears in their eyes….I could barely speak I said ‘I’m not’ they cried YES YOU ARE!!! 

I wailed like a baby I insisted it wasn’t real….. I can’t be! That’s why I’m here I CAN’T get pregnant.  I was shaking so much and crying the nurses were crying they showed me the test, look it’s real they were saying. Other nurses came to congratulate me it was the most surreal moment of my life.  I rang my husband straight away who is working in London and he could barely speak. 

I am still in a dream it still hasn’t sunk in.  I’m going for a scan on Tuesday at the fertility unit.  Even though this miracle has happened without IVF I’m still under their specialist care for now. 

All of those beautiful blastocyst embryos I had and not one even attempted to attach to my body, yet somehow I find myself lying here pregnant with the most unexpected miracle ever.  I’m still in complete shock and I have no idea how far along I could be or what could happen but for now my hubby and I are pregnant and we couldn’t be happier (if numb with disbelief 🙈) 

16 thoughts on “Miracles do happen…..

  1. What?!?!

    That’s freaking AMAZING!!!
    I’m so so happy for you!

    I’ll be praying for a very happy and healthy pregnancy!!!

    Ps I had to delete my IVF blog because of asshats always harassing me on my personal blogs

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  2. YOU ARE A UNICORN!!! I didn’t think these things ever actually happened to people, but rather were like some bitch of a wives’ tail that is dispensed to try and keep people open to possibilities! I’m usually quite down when I hear of other people’s pregnancy announcements, but this one made me want to yell “HELL YEAH!!!” So happy for you and your miracle baby!! Looking forward to hearing an update once you’ve done all your important checks. Well done, super lady!! xx

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    • Thank you!!!! I still can’t quite get my head around it like I won’t believe it’s real until I actually see something on an ultrasound. It’s only been over 24 hours since it all happened and I feel like I’m still going to wake up and it’s a dream. Like you, I always thought it was stories you read in magazines or online I never thought it would happen to me. I was shaking all day yesterday, my hands physically couldn’t stop shaking I could barely drive. I just hope on Tuesday I can update with positive news from the scan. Thank you so much for your lovely words….yesterday has given me hope in the human body again! Xxxxxxxx

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