Still waiting for the witch…. 

Waiting for this period to come is really doing me no favours at all…..I feel agitated and angry and I’m picking fights with hubby for no reason whatsoever! I need a release of these hormones and soon before I literally go insane. So glad I have this one to keep me company.  He just has […]

Ups and downs…..

Self indulgent moan and self pitying post alert…… This past two weeks I’ve been feeling really up and down with my emotions.  Nothing has changed in my personal circumstances and there are so many positive aspects going on in my life at the moment but I can’t shake this feeling of anxiousness.  It’s not everyday. […]

Where is my period?? 

So I haven’t posted for over a week as I have been super busy with my nana.  I adore this woman she practically brought me up and I want to spend as much time with her before I go back to work.  Also I must confess I have been binge watching Game of Thrones in […]

Setting myself a challenge….

So apparently it takes 21 days to form a habit? The count down is on for my return to work and I have exactly one month left before I return.   I recieved quite a lovely text last night from one of my colleagues which really surprised me considering recent actions from them.  She basically […]

Busy week of good things….but can we ever let ourselves relax and be happy? 

I’ve been so busy this week I have had no time to write about anything that has been going on. So the first good bit of news we had this week was that we finally got the go ahead to reserve the plot for our new house.   We’ve been hoping to move for years […]

Tipsy blogging…..lets see how this goes 🙈

So….although I have had a few 😉 glasses of vino tonight I had to talk about my night.  Tonight for the first time in a LONG time my husband and I went out together just the two of us.  It was a nice night tonight weather wise the sun was actually shining (for a change!). […]

The power of our furry friends…..

So one thing I have noticed in the community of infertility and fertility treatment is how many of us ladies have our ‘fur babies’. Whether this be a cheeky little dog like I have or a cat, rabbit even a Guinea pig it seems as though our furry friends are who get us through some […]

Why reality TV is just the tonic when you’re going through something tough (according to me)……

So my taste in TV and film is normally pretty heavy.  I love documentaries particularly anything involving serial killers or psychopaths and I love strange complicated film.  Ever since I was a kid my older brother got me into the likes of Kubrick and David Lynch.  Twin Peaks is my favourite show of all time […]

Thank god I discovered yoga! 

The last couple of days I have been feeling a little down and not very positive at all.  Especially about how IVF and infertility have effected more areas of my life than I could have imagined. So I have tried to kick myself in the ass today and remind myself that this time I have […]