IVF and work….I think it is time for a break

So when I first found out it was time to start trying fertility treatments I was up for a massive step up the ladder at work.  It was finally a position I had been waiting for for a long time…..I was due to go for the interview when I found out about the position I […]

Am I becoming a yogi?

So last night was the last of my beginners course of yoga and tonight I am going to venture into the world of hot yoga! Although I am nervous I am proud of the fact I am doing this for myself in the first place.  Since starting this never ending battle of trying for a […]

So yoga and acupuncture it is…..

Around a week before my last transfer (3rd) I decided to try acupuncture.  I really wish I had gone a lot sooner than I did. I found an amazing acupuncturist, a lady from China who is not only very caring and takes great interest in you as an individual she also really makes me laugh. […]

So what now?

So here I am today. March 2016 and we have been on this road for almost 4 years. Trying to conceive without luck was hard enough in the first few years but still getting nowhere with the help of fertility treatments….well I don’t think I have any words for that feeling.  Now is the waiting […]

Surely IVF will work for us….

So after just finishing my second failed FET my third unsuccessful transfer in total (1 fresh 2 frozen) I am trying to get my head around the fact this just hasn’t worked again!!! This has been quite a journey for me so far…….you often hear about people feeling they are the only people they know […]