Baby? Maybe…..


Ever since we started this seemingly never ending journey to have our baby, reading other people’s blogs, stories of success and failure have helped me in times I felt I couldn’t talk to anyone else. So here I am….almost 4 years later, 2 years of naturally trying, months of clomid, one fresh cycle of IVF and three FETS down still on this journey for the family my husband and I so desperately crave. Maybe, just maybe by sharing my struggles and successes I might help someone else the way others have helped me.

6 thoughts on “Baby? Maybe…..

  1. Its a crap, it really is but hopefully we will all get there one way or another. I wish I had known about blogging earlier even if only to get thoughts out of my head. wishing you all the best. xox


  2. Indeed.When this (i.e. infertility) is all over one way or another I’d like to retrain as an infertility counsellor…I want to turn this terrible experience into something positive and feel that it has profoundly affected my life. I’ve only just recently started blogging, but very pleased to have found you.

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    • I’m already putting plans in place to try and do something for women and couples in our position in my area. Hopefully if I’m successful I’m be able to blog about it soon! I really does effect you in a way that changes you forever, it certainly has me. I’m so glad you started blogging and found this support system too xx

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